Sunday, July 25, 2010

Laith McGregor: taking doodles to a whole new level.

My new favourite show is Art Nation on the ABC! Each week they showcase amazing Aussie artists who are producing absolutely incredible and inspirational works. I keep stumbling across it during my quite Sunday afternoons, but I think I will have to lock it in from now on for fear I'll miss out on my addictive art fix. One of the artist on show this week really blew me away. Melbournite, Laith McGregor invests countless hours to create intricate and strangely sublime images of bearded men. What is truly incredible is his medium of choice is Biros; Bic biros to be exact. The textures, detail and shading are phenomenal and the blue of the pen gives the hairy men a deep glow.

Just as a matter of interest, given the mass popularity of beards and moustaches; just when did facial hair become so cool?


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