Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ginger's style guide: Winter

Hey girls, have a seat.
We need to have a chat because I'm worried about you. Ok we don't live in the UK and it doesn't snow, but ladies its chilly! Your going to catch your death running from pub to club in your saucy mini dress and heels. Sure we all get nice and warm rocking out on the dance floor, but what happens when its time to leave and the taxi's are few and far between.
So here is my public service announcement - rug up sweeties. Here are some tips on how to stay stylish and sexy while keeping the chills at bay.

Take a cardigan, wear a blazer or just throw on an over sized sweater. Better yet wear a gorgeous coat and just leave it in the coat check.

Stockings! There is no need to freeze just to show off your stems. Your look may even look that little more polished with a set of chic black stockings. Here is the important part, look out for the denier (that's the thickness) If you want a really warm set of stockings then a higher denier is better. I wear at least 70 but I have seen them go up to 200 denier.

Boots! Oh so in right now AND you can sneak a pair of socks under them to keep your tootsies real cosy like.

Lastly, for that extra little bit of warmth you cant go past a street cuddle with the boy you took out (or just found ;)


WrenRennard said...

I love all these looks!

beneath the glass said...

new follower! great blog, full of inspiration! please check out mine sometime and follow if you like :)


Anonymous said...

Agreed times infinite! Girls shivering in minis makes ME cold too! So many great suggestions :D

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