Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laneway Vintage Markets for Outskirts

William Street was a buzz with fine folks and dazzling art this weekend just gone. If you didn't make it along to Outskirts, you surely missed out. There was such a fantastic bustle of people in Northbridge, and you couldn't swing a glow mesh bag without hitting some fabulous young designer, artist or vintage enthusiast proudly displaying their amazing work. Hip Hip Horray I say! Yay for Perth talent and thanks a plenty to the marvelous minds at OnWilliam for bringing them all together.


Anonymous said...

Oh damn! i wish I could have gone to this! Looks like so much fun!
Great instagrams my dear :) xo

Bunny said...

Um!! ~_~ How come I didn't know anything about this event. I'm sad now. Love all the photos, so vintage x Bunny hop

Misha said...

I am still kicking my own ass for being not two but ONE day late with discovering Outskirts... UgH!

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving a comment partially because you requested me to (indirectly, of course) and because I love your shop and your blog - no pretences, just real vintage lifestyle and life AND style. Love it - stay exactly as you are! I usually have to go to American blogs for this kind of realness!

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