Monday, January 3, 2011

Snakes on a shoot : Part 2

Here are the finished shots from last years snake shoot. The stunning threads are all avalable from Rock-a-Frock, a Perth based online boutique which has now opened their flagship store - 50 Grantham Street, Wembley.

Just between you and me guys, I happen to know Rock-a-Frock is having a new year sale with items up to 40% off, so its the perfect time to go and have a gander. Happy New Year!!!

Model : Keira Jane @ Scene
Makeup : Lisa Mullen
Hair : Julia Pitman
Styling : Tara Fox
Assistant : Tony Pickering , Rinoula Wansbrough
Video : Meiji Nguyen
Photographer : Carlo Fernandes
Studio Manager : Tony Pickering
Photography Equipment & editing : Mira Studios

Special Thanks to Jason for bringing Hobbes the Stimpson python


Kim - Blonde Suburbia said...

These are incredibly stunning images! What amazing photography and Keira is naturally beautiful anway! Great theme fantastic EVERYTHING!


Abby said...

ahh yess very beautiful!


S said...

Loving the dress in the fourth photo!

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