Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two fine ladies

I have been busting my buns lately updating my online store. Granted, I am happy with my progress, yet I cannot help but feel guilty as my poor poor blog suffers. Sadly there are just too many projects in my life at the moment and my blog, like the quiet proverbial middle child, just doesn't see any attention from its manic and mightily flustered mother.
In an attempt to placate the forgotten offspring, I am sharing this picture two lovely fellow bloggers posted after visiting me at my UWA market stall. I share it for two reasons; 1 - its a stunning ring and it deserves to be flashed about, and 2 - you get to see my all time favourite Etsy purchase, my well wicked octopus stamp. Check out the Le.Fanciulle blog for some gorgeous snaps of their latest shopping conquests.


Le Fanciulle said...

T is going to have to guard that ring with her life!! I am so so jealous! :) xx S

The Ginger Fox said...

she cant wear it 24-7..and then you pounce!!

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